How To Set Up Your Active Directory Account

How To Set Up Your Active Directory Account

How To Set Up Your Active Directory Account

The next step toward having a single sign-on for many of the systems used in the District is for all users to set up their password and security questions in the Access Request Management System (ARMS). This will be the password management site for your new Active Directory (AD) user account. In the future if you forget your password you will go to the site listed below to start the recovery process.

Warning: The ARMS website uses Adobe Flash and you may encounter problems if Flash is not installed or not up-to-date. 

Changing Your Password

  1. Go to arms.wacoisd.orgNOTE: ARMS ( is only accessible from within the District network. It WILL NOT work from home or outside the District network.)
  2. Login using your new AD username. (firstname.lastname)
  3. The default password for your account adheres to the following format:  [uppercase first initial][lowercase last initial]@#[last four digits of your employee ID#].For example, Jon Smith’s employee ID # is 12345. His default password is Js@#2345.
  4. On your first login you will get the message “Your password has expired. CLICK HERE to change your password.” Click the highlighted text in the second sentence.
  5. Click OK to proceed with changing your password.
  6. Next to Your Current Password enter the default password you used to login in step #2.
  7. Enter your desired new password in the New Password field.
    1. Read the password requirements carefully . Your password MUST be at least 8 characters, include one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, a number or a special character. See our post on How to Choose a Password for more help in choosing a password.
  8. Enter your desired new password again in the Confirm New Password field.
  9. If your password does NOT meet the requirements, you will get an error message in red.
  10. If your password DOES meet the requirements, you will get a message in green.
  11. If your password matches the default password you will get an error.
  12. When you are successful in changing your password the system will proceed to the next step.

Challenge Question Responses

Once your new password has been accepted you will be asked to set up Challenge Question Responses . These are used as a security measure and as a way for you to manage your own password in case you forget it or need to change it. You MUST enter something for each of the five challenge questions. There is no wrong or right answer. These will be used to verify your access to make changes to your account. So, choose answers which will be easy for you to remember. Please DO NOT write down your password or the answers to your security questions.

  1. Enter an answer next to each security question. You will only be able to click Save once all fields are filled.
  2. You can change your password and/or challenge responses at any time by coming back to and logging in.
  3. WARNING: When you click logout in the upper right corner, you are NOT completely logged out until you close all internet browser windows on your computer.
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