How to Save Your Internet Bookmarks

How to Save Your Internet Bookmarks

How to Save Your Internet Bookmarks

Backing up files on your computer is critically important. You might also have saved a lot of bookmarks in your internet browser that you don't want to lose. Here's how to save those bookmarks and import them into your browser. 

Exporting Your Bookmarks to a file

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Make sure the (1)Menu bar is visible by right clicking explorer's (2)toolbar and verifying that (3)Menu bar is checked. menu bar
  3. Under the File menu, select Import and Export.filemenu
  4. Select Export to a file, then click Next.export
  5. Check the boxes you want to export.  Favorites are your bookmarks.favorite
  6. Select location and file name for your export.  The default location is your Documents folder.  Then click Export.location
  7. Click Finish.finish

After exporting your favorites to a file, you can save the file and import it at any time.  The following instructions will show you how to import these settings from the exported file.

Importing Your Bookmarks from a file

  1. Repeat steps 1-3 from above guide.
  2. Select Import from a file and click Next.import
  3. Click Browse and find the file you exported in the previous step, then click Next.  By default the wizard will look for this file in the Documents folder.location
  4. Select the destination folder for the favorites you are importing, then click Import.import
  5. Click Finish.finish
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