Introducing the Share Drive

Introducing the Share Drive

Introducing the Share Drive

You’ve heard of the W Drive for backing up your files and storing them on the network. That’s a personal drive that only you can see and use. What if you want to share documents with your campus or department? Introducing the Share (S:) Drive!

The Share Drive is a district solution for sharing documents and forms within your campus, building or department. It is not meant to replace existing solutions. For example, the district uses Eduphoria for submitting lesson plans. Therefore, the Share Drive should not be used for staff to submit lesson plans to their campus administration.

When you log in to a computer with your Active Directory account, you will see a Share (S:) Drive listed under Computer.

This drive contains folders for departments and campuses to share documents with staff. You will only see the folders that you have access to. Access to folders is based on your job code and location in TEAMS.

Staff have access to a share folder for their campus by opening the Staff folder. You will see the folder for your campus.

You will only be able to access folders to which you have appropriate read or write permissions. Typically folders that you do not have access to will be hidden so you don’t have to search through a long list of campus folders just to find yours. You will also only be able to edit documents to which you have permission to edit. If you try to access a share folder that you do not have permission to view, you will get an error message like the one below.


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