What is this W Drive?

What is this W Drive?
Posted on 04/12/2017

wdriveWhat is this W Drive?

The Technology Department is excited to provide all Waco ISD staff members with a W: Drive.  This drive is a network folder that exists in our data center and is exclusive to your Active Directory login.

There are two easy ways to access your W: Drive. You MUST be logged in with your Active Directory account to see your W: Drive.

  • There is a shortcut on your desktop. Double-clicking this icon opens your W: Drive.
  • Go to Start Menu and click on Computer. On the left side under computer you will see your user name (firstname.lastname) next to one of the drives.. Select that to access your W: drive.
    W_drive_windows explorer


  • Save important documents to your W: Drive to back them up to the network
  • All staff members will have 10 GB of storage
  • Please do NOT use the W Drive to store music and/or non-work related media as this will cause your W Drive to use up the 10GB very quickly.
  • W: Drive is available on any machine in the district that is on Active Directory and is operating inside the district network.
  • Files stored outside of the W: Drive are NOT backed up

You can add files to your W: Drive by dragging them to the W: Drive icon on the Desktop or by selecting the W: Drive from the Save As menu option from an application.

The W: Drive is available today.  If you don't see it on your computer, restart your computer and make sure you login with your AD credentials.  The W: Drive is a great way to back up your files without having to use external drives.

Our next project is to synchronize your My Documents folder with the W Drive so that all of your files are constantly backed up.  Until then, if you wish to take files home to work on your laptop, you will need to move those from your W: Drive back to your My Documents folder.

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