Taking and Sending a Screenshot

Taking and Sending a Screenshot

Taking and Sending a Screenshot

Have you tried to explain a computer problem you’re having over the phone or email only to find out you don’t have the words? You know what they say… “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Instead of stumbling over the lingo send a screenshot instead. In order to take a screen shot in Windows XP or 7, press ALT-PrtScrn (Fn+PrtScrn on laptops). You will not see anything happen, but the image will be on your clipboard. Simply attach the image or paste it into the body of your email to the Help Desk.

Also, Windows 7 comes with a program called the Snipping Tool which can create an image of only a window or even draw a rectangle around a portion of your screen. You will find the Snipping Tool under Start > All Programs > Accessories.  You can also type Snipping Tools on the search bar.

Once the program has opened you can click on "New" and select the snipping mode.  When the snipping mode has been selected your coursor will become a crosshair, at this point you can click and drag the desired snipping area.  Once that you have selected the area that you want a screen shot of, you can click the save button.
Snipping Mode:
Save Image:

To send a screenshot in an email you can drag the image file to the new message or click the paperclip that says Attach, browse to your file and click Open.

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